Sammy Kershaw: The Unforgettable Journey of Louisiana's Country Legend (2023)

Introduction: Sammy Kershaw has left an indelible mark on the country music scene since the release of his debut album, "Don't Go Near the Water," in 1993. With his rich vocals, unique song choices, and captivating storytelling abilities, Kershaw has garnered immense praise from critics and fans alike. Over the years, he has released an impressive 16 studio albums, including three platinum-selling and two gold albums. Alongside these remarkable achievements, Kershaw has also amassed an astounding 25 top 40 country singles. In this article, we will delve into the world of Sammy Kershaw and explore his ten best songs that truly embody the essence of Louisiana style.

  1. Vidalia: "Vidalia" serves as an enchanting love song that showcases Kershaw's wit and charm. As the opening track on our list, it immediately captivates listeners with its unexpected twists and turns. Released in 1996 as part of his album "Politics, Religion and Her," this song became a top ten hit for Kershaw and has remained a fan favorite ever since.

  2. Anywhere But Here: With a George Jones flair, "Anywhere But Here" effortlessly showcases Kershaw's lovely vocals and charismatic delivery. As the fourth single from his debut album, "Don't Go Near the Water," this song climbed to the top ten on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, solidifying Kershaw's place in the country music scene.

  3. Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer: "Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer" tells the story of a man determined to win back the love of his life after losing her to someone named Earl. Initially met with skepticism due to its relatability, this song became a massive success for Kershaw, selling hundreds of thousands of albums. Its catchy melody and Kershaw's personal connection to the lyrics make it a standout hit in his repertoire.

  4. Love of My Life: Initially recorded by Swedish pop group Ace of Base for their third album, "Love of My Life" found its true home in Sammy Kershaw's rendition. This heavenly romantic ballad expresses a man's gratitude for finding his true love and how she saved him from a life of emptiness. Released in 1997 as part of his album "Labor of Love," it reached number two on the US country charts and number three in Canada.

  5. Third Rate Romance: Originally recorded by Russell Smith's band Amazing Rhythm Aces in 1975, "Third Rate Romance" received a remarkable revival when Kershaw included it on his 1994 album, "Feelin' Good Train." The collaboration between Kershaw and Smith brought a sense of continuity and breathed new life into this timeless song. Centered around an awkward couple preparing for a one-night stand, it resonated strongly with fans, reaching number two on the US country charts and number ten in Canada.

  6. I Can't Reach Her Anymore: In "I Can't Reach Her Anymore," Kershaw portrays a man desperate to rekindle a past relationship with an ex-lover. However, his ex is equally determined to avoid him. This heartfelt song, released in January 1994 as a single from the album "Haunted Heart," soared to number three on the US Hot Country Song charts, showcasing Kershaw's ability to evoke raw emotions through his music.

  7. Haunted Heart: As Kershaw's second major studio album, "Haunted Heart" achieved both commercial success and critical acclaim upon its release in March 1993. The album peaked at number 11 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart and number 57 on the Billboard 200. Its title track, "Haunted Heart," emerged as a standout hit, reaching number nine on the US Hot Country Song charts. With Kershaw's masterful storytelling and George Jones-esque vocals, this song solidified his place among country music's elite.

  8. National Working Woman's Holiday: Regarded as one of the best Sammy Kershaw songs of all time, "National Working Woman's Holiday" showcases the singer's charming and humorous style. The song revolves around a man concerned about his wife's workaholic tendencies, urging her to take a day off for the "national working woman's holiday." Kershaw's choice to include this light-hearted track resonated deeply with his audience, capturing the essence of his country boy persona.

  9. Cadillac Style: One of Kershaw's biggest hits, "Cadillac Style," nearly missed the opportunity to grace his record. Initially unsure about its compatibility with his performance style, Kershaw's co-producer, Buddy Cannon, convinced him otherwise. Released as a single in October 1993, the song soared to the number three spot on both the US and Canadian country charts, cementing its place as a fan favorite.

  10. She Don't Know She's Beautiful: At the pinnacle of our list rests the only number one hit of Kershaw's career, "She Don't Know She's Beautiful." This sweet and tender song revolves around a man expressing his admiration for his girlfriend's beauty, despite her unawareness of it. Topping both the US and Canadian country charts in April 1993, this song remains one of Kershaw's most beloved and enduring achievements.

Conclusion: Sammy Kershaw's journey in the country music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. With his distinct vocals, unconventional song choices, and innate storytelling ability, he has left an indelible mark on the genre. This article has explored his ten best songs, all of which embody the essence of Louisiana style. Whether it's the wit and charm of "Vidalia," the heartfelt yearning of "I Can't Reach Her Anymore," or the infectious melodies of "Cadillac Style," Sammy Kershaw continues to captivate audiences with his musical prowess. Through his impressive discography, he has solidified his place among the country music greats, and his songs will undoubtedly continue to resonate with listeners for years to come.

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