Setup and Configure a Two Way Audio Hikvision IP CCTV Camera Via NVR 2way Mic Microphone Speaker App (2023)


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Setup camera via switch (standalone)

Setup camera via DVR

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How to setup audible warnings:
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Another video, so today I'm going to show you how to set up a two-way audio camera that is plugged directly into your NVR okay so as you can see this is the camera we're using it's a Hikvision IP camera I'm just going to plug it straight into Hikvision NVR which is the standard setup just via ethernet cable pretty straightforward so but they're setting up the audio is not so straightforward you can't do it through the NVR menu you will have to most of the time set it up via pc it's quite straightforward I'm gonna quickly show you how to do that and then hopefully you should be able to get your two-way audio cameras going all right so as you see this is the camera we're using and I'll show you the NVR we're using okay as you can see it says k1 here which means it is the k series which they are the the more the entry level series and it doesn't directly support two-way audio but I'm going to show you how to set it up and set the camera up so that hit connect app works perfectly smooth with two-way audio all right, then, so what you're going to need is SADP tool.

So hopefully you guys already added your camera to your NVR and that's all up and running perfectly.

So what you have to do is log on to your NVR I will leave some links below to a few things that I'm doing here.

Just in case you guys get get a bit stuck all right, then.

Actually, what I'll do I'll show you the live view through IE tab.

So you can see the live view.

Okay, so admin all right.

We've logged into our camera! That's our NVR's right! Okay! So you see I'm going to wave over the camera.

All right! That's a that's! Our two-way audio camera plugged into our mv I've done no settings or anything like that.

Okay, let's show you what to do all right, so we go to configuration okay and what we have to do is enable the virtual host on the NVR, so that will allow us to directly access each camera.

Okay, so we go to network, then advanced settings, then other okay and we've got enable virtual host.

The one thing you guys have to remember here is once you finish, setting up the cameras, it's best to disable the virtual host okay to get the the audio to work.

Okay, because it's not going to work if it's enabled okay, so we've got the virtual host going.

So now we go to bring up our camera.

We go system, camera management and then here we've got IP cameras.

So now we've got web addresses for all our IP cameras, so click on the web address and we can load up our camera.

Okay, so log into our camera, and we can go to configuration and get this configured.

Okay, all right, then so under video and audio here we can change a few settings, so you want to change this to video and audio mainstream.

Okay and obviously, you've got some string of third stream.

You could do all of that stuff, but what we're looking at today is the audio section here.

Okay, so what a lot of the com pre-set is AAC, it's not what we want.

We want to go to g law, 711, ulaw, okay, so this is the one we want.

I put the input volume up to 100 and we want to save this setting here.

Okay, I haven't tried all of them, but I know this.

One definitely works, I, don't know a few of them.

Definitely don't work.

Okay! So now that our camera is configured for two-way audio, we can leave the camera menu.

Now we go back to our NVR and go to network advanced other, and we can disable the virtual host now.

Okay, so we save that okay, so we just logged on to our camera and set the audio correctly and now we're gonna log on to our hit, connect app, and let me show you the two-way audio in action.

Okay, so one hit connector.

Okay, let me show you guys quickly, so you got hit connect okay, and this is our NVR, so we can just click on that.

Okay, this is our camera.

Bring this up.

As you see here, we've got a little button down here.

Microphone, just click on that for the two-way audio, all right, then so select channel for two-way audio.

You you're instinctively think that okay, let's plug this to the NVR I'm gonna, select NVR DVR for this, but no.

This is for the I series.

Nvr I, believe where you wanna select this IP camera here.

So it's gonna click on IP camera and then we should be able to talk on the on the with the two-way audio when I get some feedback, so I'm just gonna.

Do it for a second, but I have tested this many times and I know it works okay, so we've got IP camera.

Okay, so yeah I heard myself the speaker's working perfectly lots of feedback measurements.

It's all working good! Okay! So that's how you add a two-way audio camera to your NVR and set it up and configure it I hope you guys learned something and I'll see you in the next one cheers thanks bye.


Setup and Configure a Two Way Audio Hikvision IP CCTV Camera Via NVR 2way Mic Microphone Speaker App? ›

Hikvision network cameras with audio/flashing light can trigger audio warnings and emit flashing light when the alarm is triggered. It also allows the user to communicate with people in the monitoring area. The camera, NVR and IP speaker are connected via switch and controlled and managed via NVR.

How do I set up two-way audio on Hikvision? ›

Start Two-Way Audio
  1. Start live view of the device. Note: See Start and Stop Live View for details.
  2. Tap in the toolbar to turn on the two-way audio.
  3. If the device is a NVR, select the device or its linked network camera as the two-way audio channel. Note: If not, skip this step. ...
  4. Tap to turn off two-way audio.

Do Hikvision IP cameras have audio? ›

Hikvision network cameras with audio/flashing light can trigger audio warnings and emit flashing light when the alarm is triggered. It also allows the user to communicate with people in the monitoring area. The camera, NVR and IP speaker are connected via switch and controlled and managed via NVR.

How do I know if my HIKVISION camera has audio? ›

1. HIKVISION cameras which have –S in their names support audio function. 2. Some cameras have internal microphone such like DS-2CD2412F-I (W), for these cameras, please skip next section (How to plug active microphone to IPC).

What app to use for HIKVISION NVR? ›

Quickly and securely set up your video surveillance and intercom systems for remote viewing on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets using the Hik-Connect mobile app, and on Windows and Mac computers using the iVMS4200 client software.

Does NVR support audio? ›

It can help you to manage your surveillance system in a more effective and simple way. Only the NVR that supports Audio I/O interface can enable two-way Audio. Before enabling this function please make sure that the NVR is connected with a microphone and a speaker.

Does NVR have audio? ›

Recorder: The NVR recorder is only used for storing and viewing the footage. It doesn't process video data - a step that's done at the camera before it's sent to the recorder. Audio Support: Because Ethernet cables can transmit audio natively, camera with a microphone on an NVR system can record audio to the NVR.

How do I know if my security camera has audio? ›

You'll have to look for the camera; just keep an eye out for multiple holes in a circular shape at the back of the device. Although the cluster of holes does not comprise a microphone, it is a good enough indication that the security camera possesses audio capabilities. Not all speakers will be as visual and apparent.

Does Hikvision DVR support audio? ›

The audio over coax cameras can only be used with the latest generation of Hikvision DVR's that have an (S) after the model number eg. DS-7204HUHI-K1(S).

What is the standard IP for Hikvision IP camera? ›

The default IP address of the camera is 192.168. 1.64. Open a web browser and input the default IP address.

Do all IP cameras have audio? ›

Do All Security Cameras Have Audio? Most IP security cameras are capable of recording audio, though you can choose to turn this on and off. Two-way audio is also a common feature of security cameras that work with a phone.

How do I listen to audio on HIK connect? ›

How can I listen to one-way audio on a two-way audio camera through HikConnect? Answer: When you are in app and hit the two-way audio button, it will always have two way audio. Instead of hitting the two-way audio button, please hit the raise volume button on the side of the phone to turn the audio of the camera on.

Does HIKVISION DVR support audio? ›

The audio over coax cameras can only be used with the latest generation of Hikvision DVR's that have an (S) after the model number eg. DS-7204HUHI-K1(S).

What is Bluetooth 2 way audio? ›

Dual audio allows you to send your media audio to two different Bluetooth devices at once. This means that not only can you use two pairs of headphones at one time, but you can share between two different sets of Bluetooth speakers as well.

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